Simple dry mortar production line CRM1

Short Description:

Capacity: 1-3TPH; 3-5TPH; 5-10TPH

Features and Advantages:
1. The production line is compact in structure and occupies a small area.
2. Modular structure, which can be upgraded by adding equipment.
3. The installation is convenient, and the installation can be completed and put into production in a short time.
4. Reliable performance and easy to use.
5. The investment is small, which can quickly recover the cost and create profits.

Product Detail


Simple dry mortar production line CRM1
The simple production line CRM1 is suitable for the production of dry mortar, putty powder, plastering mortar, skim coat and other powder products. The whole set of equipment is simple and practical, with small footprint, low investment and low maintenance cost. It is an ideal choice for small dry mortar processing plants.


The configuration is as follows

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is suitable for conveying of non-viscous materials such as dry powder, cement, etc. It is used to transport dry powder, cement, gypsum powder and other raw materials to the mixer of the production line, and transport the mixed products to the finished product hopper. The lower end of the screw conveyor provided by our company is equipped with a feeding hopper, and the workers put the raw materials into the hopper. The screw is made of alloy steel plate, and the thickness is corresponding to the different materials to be conveyed. Both ends of the conveyor shaft adopt a special sealing structure to reduce the impact of dust on the bearing.

Spiral ribbon mixer

Spiral ribbon mixer has simple structure, good mixing performance, low energy consumption, large load filling rate (generally 40%-70% of the mixer tank volume), convenient operation and maintenance, and is suitable for mixing two or three materials. In order to improve the mixing effect and shorten the mixing time, we designed an advanced three-layer ribbon structure; the cross-sectional area, spacing and clearance between the ribbon and mixer tank inner surface are designed according to different materials. In addition, according to different working conditions, the mixer discharge port can be equipped with manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve.

Finished product hopper

The finished product hopper is a closed hopper made of alloy steel plates for storing mixed products. The top of the hopper is equipped with a feeding port, a breathing system and a dust collection device. The cone part of the hopper is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator and an arch breaking device to prevent the material from being blocked in the hopper.

Valve bag packing machine

According to the requirements of different customers, we can provide three different types of packing machine, impeller type, air blowing type and air floating type for your choice. The weighing module is the core part of the valve bag packing machine. The weighing sensor, weighing controller and electronic control components used in our packaging machine are all first-class brands, with large measuring range, high precision, sensitive feedback, and the weighing error could be ±0.2 %, can fully meet your requirements.

Control cabinet

The equipment listed above is the basic configuration of this type of production line. If you want to realize the function of automatic batching of raw materials, a batching weighing hopper can be added to the production line. If it is required to reduce dust in the workplace and improve the working environment of workers, a small pulse dust collector can be installed. In short, we can do different project designs and configurations according to your requirements.

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Transport Delivery

CORINMAC has professional logistics and transportation partners who have cooperated for more than 10 years, providing door-to-door equipment delivery services.

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Installation and commissioning

CORINMAC provides on-site installation and commissioning services. We can send professional engineers to your site according to your requirements and train on-site personnel to operate the equipment. We can also provide video installation guidance services.

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