Vertical dry mortar production line CRL-HS

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Capacity: 5-10TPH;  10-15TPH; 15-20TPH

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Vertical dry mortar production line

Vertical mortar production line CRL-HS series is a combined production line of sand drying and standard mortar production (two or more lines). The raw sand is processed into finished sand by a dryer and a vibrating screen, and then the finished sand, cementitious materials (cement, gypsum, etc.), various additives and other raw materials according to a specific recipe, mix with a mixer, and mechanically packing the obtained dry powder mortar, including raw material storage silo, screw conveyor, weighing hopper, additive batching system, bucket elevator, pre-mixed hopper, mixer, packaging machine, dust collectors and control system.

The name of the vertical mortar production line comes from its vertical structure. The pre-mixed hopper, the additive batching system, the mixer and the packaging machine are arranged on the steel structure platform from top to bottom, which can be divided into single-floor or multi-floors structure.

Mortar production lines will vary greatly due to differences in capacity requirements, technical performance, equipment composition and degree of automation. The entire production line scheme can be customized according to the customer's site and budget.

CRL-HS series production line include


-Drying and screening part
•Wet sand hopper
•Belt feeder
•Rotary dryer
•Vibrating screen
•Dust collector and Auxiliary equipment

-Dry mortar production part
• Raw material lifting and conveying equipment;
• Raw material storage equipment (silo and ton bag un-loader)
• Batching and weighing system (main materials and additives)
• Mixer and packaging machine
• Control System
• Auxiliary equipment

Drying and screening part

Wet sand hopper

The wet sand hopper is used to receive and store the wet sand to be dried. The volume (standard capacity is 5T) can be customized according to user needs. The outlet at the bottom of the sand hopper is connected to a belt feeder. The structure is compact and reasonable, strong and durable.

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is used to send the wet sand to the dryer, and convey the dried sand to the vibrating screen or any designated position. We use nylon conveyor belt, which has high strength, impact resistance and long life.

Belt feeder

The belt feeder is the key equipment for evenly feeding the wet sand into the dryer, and the drying effect can be guaranteed only by feeding the material evenly. The feeder is equipped with a variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the feeding speed can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve the best drying effect. It adopts skirt conveyor belt to prevent material leakage.

Three cylinder rotary dryer

The three cylinder rotary dryer is an efficient and energy-saving product improved on the basis of the single-cylinder rotary dryer.

There is a three-layer drum structure in the cylinder, which can make the material reciprocate three times in the cylinder, so that it can obtain sufficient heat exchange, greatly improve the heat utilization rate and reduce power consumption.

Vibrating screen

After drying, the finished sand (water content is generally below 0.5%) enters the vibrating screen, which can be sieved into different particle sizes and discharged from the respective discharge ports according to the requirements. Usually, the size of the screen mesh is 0.63mm, 1.2mm and 2.0mm, the specific mesh size is selected and determined according to actual needs.

Dust collector and Auxiliary equipment


It is connected to the air outlet of the dryer end cover through a pipeline, and is also the first dust removal device for the hot flue gas inside the dryer. There are a variety of structures such as single cyclone and double cyclone group could be chosen.

Impulse dust collector

It is another dust removal equipment in the drying line. Its internal multi-group filter bag structure and pulse jet design can effectively filter and collect dust in the dust-laden air, so that the dust content of the exhaust air is less than 50mg/m³, ensuring that it meets the environmental protection requirements. According to the needs, we have dozens of models such as DMC32, DMC64, DMC112 for selection.

Dry mortar production part

Lifting and Conveying equipment

Bucket elevator

The bucket elevator is designed for continuous vertical transportation of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, peat, slag, coal, etc. in the production of building materials, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

Ton bag un-loader

A vibrating screen is used to sieve the sand into the desired particle size. The screen body adopts a fully sealed structure, which can effectively reduce the dust generated during the working process. Screen body side plates, power transmission plates and other components are made of high-quality alloy steel plates, with high yield strength and long service life.

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is suitable for conveying of non-viscous materials such as dry powder, cement, etc. It is used to transport dry powder, cement, gypsum powder and other raw materials to the mixer of the production line, and transport the mixed products to the finished product hopper. The lower end of the screw conveyor provided by our company is equipped with a feeding hopper, and the workers put the raw materials into the hopper. The screw is made of alloy steel plate, and the thickness is corresponding to the different materials to be conveyed. Both ends of the conveyor shaft adopt a special sealing structure to reduce the impact of dust on the bearing.

Raw material storage equipment (silo and ton bag un-loader)

Silo for cement, sand, lime, etc.

The silo (demountable design) is designed to receive cement from a cement truck, store it and deliver it along a screw conveyor to the batching system.

Loading of cement into the silo is carried out via a pneumatic cement pipeline. To prevent material hanging and ensure uninterrupted unloading, an aeration system is installed in the lower (cone) part of the silo.


Ton bag un-loader

As standard, the hopper is equipped with a breaker for ripping open soft containers of the "big-bag" type, a butterfly valve designed to fully open, close and regulate the flow of bulk materials from the hopper. at the request of the client, an electromechanical vibrator can be installed on the hopper to stimulate the unloading of bulk material.

• Batching and weighing system (main materials and additives)

Main materials weighing hopper

The weighing hopper consists of hopper, steel frame, and load cell (the lower part of the weighing hopper is equipped with a discharge screw). The weighing hopper is widely used in various mortar lines to weigh ingredients such as cement, sand, fly ash, light calcium, and heavy calcium. It has the advantages of fast batching speed, high measurement accuracy, strong versatility, and can handle various bulk materials.

Vertical dry mortar production line CRL-2 (6)
Vertical dry mortar production line CRL-2 (5)

Additives batching system

Vertical dry mortar production line CRL-2 (9)
Vertical dry mortar production line CRL-2 (8)
Vertical dry mortar production line CRL-2 (7)

Mixer and packaging machine

Dry mortar mixer

The dry mortar mixer is the core equipment of the dry mortar production line, which determines the quality of the mortars. Different mortar mixers can be used according to different types of mortar.

Single shaft plough share mixer

The technology of the plough share mixer is mainly from Germany, and it is a mixer commonly used in large-scale dry powder mortar production lines. The plough share mixer is mainly composed of an outer cylinder, a main shaft, plough shares, and plough share handles. The rotation of the main shaft drives the plowshare-like blades to rotate at a high speed to drive the material to move rapidly in both directions, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. The stirring speed is fast, and a flying knife is installed on the wall of the cylinder, which can quickly disperse the material, so that the mixing is more uniform and fast, and the mixing quality is high.

Single shaft plough share mixer (small discharge door)

Single shaft plough share mixer (big discharge door)

Single shaft plough share mixer (Supper high speed)

Double shaft paddle mixer

Product hopper

The finished product hopper is a closed silo made of alloy steel plates for storing mixed products. The top of the silo is equipped with a feeding port, a breathing system and a dust collection device. The cone part of the silo is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator and an arch breaking device to prevent the material from being blocked in the hopper.

Valve bag packing machine

According to the requirements of different customers, we can provide three different types of packing machine, impeller type, air blowing type and air floating type for your choice. The weighing module is the core part of the valve bag packing machine. The weighing sensor, weighing controller and electronic control components used in our packaging machine are all first-class brands, with large measuring range, high precision, sensitive feedback, and the weighing error could be ±0.2 %, can fully meet your requirements.

Control cabinet

The equipment listed above is the basic type of this type of production line.

If it is necessary to reduce dust in the workplace and improve the working environment of workers, a small pulse dust collector can be installed.

In short, we can do different program designs and configurations according to your requirements.

Auxiliary equipment

If it is necessary to reduce dust in the workplace and improve the working environment of workers, a small pulse dust collector can be installed.  

In short, we can do different program designs and configurations according to your requirements.

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Transport Delivery

CORINMAC has professional logistics and transportation partners who have cooperated for more than 10 years, providing door-to-door equipment delivery services.

Transport to customer site

Installation and commissioning

CORINMAC provides on-site installation and commissioning services. We can send professional engineers to your site according to your requirements and train on-site personnel to operate the equipment. We can also provide video installation guidance services.

Installation steps guidance


Company Processing Ability

Why choose us?

We provide personalized solutions according to customer needs, provide customers with advanced technology, well made, reliable performance of dry mix mortar production equipment, and provide one-stop purchasing platform that required.

Each country has its own needs and configurations for dry mortar production lines. Our team has an in-depth understanding and analysis of the different charactersistics of customer in various countries, and for more than 10 years has accumulated rich experience in communication, exchanges and cooperation with foreign customers. In response to the needs of foreign markets, we can provide Mini, Intelligent, Automatic, Customized, or Modular dry mix mortar production line. Our products have gained good reputation and recognition in more than 40 countries including USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Peru, Chile, Kenya, Libya, Guinea, Tunisia, etc.

After 16 years of accumulation and exploration, our team will contribute to the dry mix mortar industry with its professionalism and ability.

We believe that through cooperation and passion for our customers, anything is possible.

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